Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers integrated functionality to support all your order entry, inventory, warehouse operation, fulfillment, shipping, and financial management needs so you can get goods to customers quickly and profitably. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers wholesale distributors the ability to automate manual procedures, improve replenishment decisions, process orders quickly, improve fill rates and customer satisfaction, access quick feedback on business performance, and get strong returns on inventory investment. Key solution areas include:

  • Supply chain management (including procurement, warehouse management, and distribution)
  • Customer relationship management
  • Financial management
  • Manufacturing

Built on Microsoft technology, Microsoft Dynamics NAV works smoothly with many other Microsoft programs and technologies, enabling employees to work productively and gain insight for informed decisions. Easy to implement, learn, and customize, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution can help you connect people, processes, and information throughout your business to:

  • Empower your workforce to save time, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Increase productivity by eliminating manual processes, streamlining warehouse operations, and enabling fast, accurate fulfillment and invoicing.
  • Take control of items and inventory to reduce inventory costs.
  • Gain insight into your most profitable products, business performance, and opportunities.
  • Achieve a fast return on investment and a low total cost of ownership.

Connect People with the Information They Need

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can create a highly productive work environment where sales, CRM, order fulfillment, shipping, returns management, and accounting processes share the same up-to-date information. Your people can readily access this information as needed, without having to switch between a variety of separate applications or systems.

By centralizing information in a single database, wholesale distribution companies can reduce redundant data entry, minimize rekeying errors, and help ensure accurate, timely information in every department. Easy drill-down capabilities mean details are never more than a few clicks away. Especially designed to deliver comprehensive information in one end-to-end business management solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help deliver dependable information that your people can use to make reliable promises to customers, fulfill orders quickly and accurately, and boost customer satisfaction. Compliance with regulatory and customer mandates also becomes easy with comprehensive item, order, and transaction tracking.

Also, if your business crosses international lines, the solution’s robust Multilanguage and multicurrency support helps remove the complexity of communication, financial transactions, and reporting across geographies. Your people can work with trade partners in their own languages and currencies to help smooth relationships while maintaining straightforward and accurate financial reporting at home

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