We have heard many times, “there is an app for everything”.  Today this is also true for companies that need to expand from their existing Microsoft Business Solution for a specific application to meet their unique requirements.  Business Management/ERP Systems are designed to have multiple different areas of functionality under one system; however, quite often additional company functionalities have to be added at some point.

In 2016, Microsoft introduced an accumulation of industry specific and business functionality apps designed for their various systems called AppSource.  These Business applications are not just for Dynamics 365 and their business management ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Business Apps through AppsSource can be used on popular Microsoft systems in addition such as Power BI, Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Microsoft CRM and the PowerApps Platform.

The specific industries available through AppSource are quite diverse and also the tailored business app’s capabilities such as Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Customer Service, Hunan Resources, Operations and Supply Chain, Sales. plus many others. Many of the technology companies that have developed these apps have trial versions.  Other Apps on this Microsoft Store are free, have a request for information link or simply fixed pricing for what is being offered.  There is a up to a 5 star rating system for users to score their business apps also.

Importantly, in addition to the Applications on Microsoft AppSource are listed “Consulting Services”.  The numerous business functionality and the Microsoft products themselves can be very complicated.  Many of the Microsoft systems partners VAR (Value Added Resellers) aand also Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (MCP) who know the Microsoft technologies extremely well, will also list consulting services in a particular product area and scope of work to be accomplished.  As with the Apps, there also are free offers for consulting work (for a brief period of time), for a fixed pricing for consulting services to be accomplished.

The Microsoft AppSource marketplace continues to grow with currently hundreds of Business Applications listed.  Chance are if you are looking to add to your existing modern Microsoft business solution, you can find an add-on extension to help tailor your system for your specialized requirements.

To Research the available business Applications, simply go to Microsoft AppSource 

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