The benefits of going paperless:

Improved warehouse efficiency

o Eliminate searching for lost products ‐ With real‐time inventory, wireless devices can accurately direct the order fulfillment process by ensuring that pickers travel to the correct pick–bin locations. Searching for product is eliminated and accuracy is ensured by scanning and validating locations and quantities.

o Reduce picker walk time ‐ The typical warehouse solution sequences item picking to minimize walk time throughout the warehouse thereby reducing travel time, even if the business system does not have bin locations.

o Monitor warehouse activity and order status in realtime ‐ Using real‐time wireless data collection equipment and software to record and store activity records in a database, a warehouse solution can provide visibility into your companies warehouse productivity, activity and trends. This visibility can be on‐line, presented in real‐time or through reporting that looks at both current and historic data. Effective use of the data can positively affect the warehouse’s ability to forecast resource requirements,recognize and remedy productivity problems, track errors and monitor customer issues.

Improved customer service

o Improve your service level Order fulfillment time can be significantly decreased. Many companies need to improve cycle time to meet customer’s growing expectations for same day,or rapid shipment.

o Eliminate order shipment errors ‐ Reducing errors in order fulfillment and shipping not only lowers the monetary cost of errors, but keeps customer satisfaction and return business levels high. Order accuracy of 99.9% can be achieved.

o Improve your fill rate ‐ The ability to fill orders completely, thanks to an accurate, automated inventory management facility lets you keep those sales. You won’t lose customers because you can’t fill their orders.

o Provide your customers with improved visibility ‐ Keep your customers updated with real‐time information about order status. This information is always available to your customer service staff, on‐request and without delay.

o Meet tough customer demands ‐ Wal‐Mart can be a demanding customer. A system can be used to facilitate compliance requirements such as adopting specific labeling, or tracking lotand serial numbers. Using a solution like a WMS can automate compliance with greater ease and more cost‐effectively.

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