Greater control is about having visibility and insight into how your business is performing—it’s about knowing your system will help drive the decision-making processes, enabling your people to be more proactive and productive.  NAV 2013 delivers compelling application functionality that enhances the core capabilities in Job and Service Management to give customers more control over their business and help partners improve productivity.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 includes enhancements that give customers insight into and control over work in process (WIP) calculations. It’s now easier for customers to get a complete overview of WIP, including monitoring how WIP calculations are performed, viewing posting accounts, and tracking changes in calculations. A dashboard enables users to see the full WIP calculation for any jobs they have active.

These improvements make monitoring of WIP processes simpler and improve the interaction with financial reporting:

  • You can create and define a job WIP method, to supplement the five system-defined choices.
  • Jobs setup has been expanded to include options to control the treatment of WIP in all jobs. For example, you can specify that a WIP method that you have defined be the default for your organization.
  • WIP amounts can now be posted separately for G/L, Items and Resources
  • Users can now track and perform WIP calculations in a new location. From here, you can calculate and post WIP to the general ledger and show any warnings if there are problems with a WIP calculation.
  • Better insight into the Job Costs Applied Account is enabled by splitting the WIP Cost entries for Items, resources and for G/L Accounts


Dynamics NAV 2013 features helps companies work more efficiently and provide better service for their customers with enhancements that provide increased visibility into and control of service processes.

It’s possible to see whether an item that you need to fulfill an order is in stock and available for your use – without scrolling through lots of information. A demand overview window allows you to see all supply and demand that is associated with the item. Businesses can provide specific and accurate information about delivery to their customers. And, if you want to make sure that an item is linked to your order, then you can reserve it.


Usage Links helps to improve performance by enabling support for Real Time Estimate-To-Complete and Estimate at Completion.

There is improved alignment in how jobs and services each track usage and consumption related to jobs and services. It makes it easier for a project manager to get accurate insight into what work remains to be done to complete a service task or a job. A key update is adding a field that indicates whether you want to create and maintain a relationship in usage between job planning lines and the job ledger. This gives companies the ability to track inventory consumption on a single job more easily and thereby improve planning accuracy.

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