Selecting the best CRM tool for your business can be a challenging process. More companies today are utilizing modern technology business solutions to help reach business objectives.  CRM or Customer Relationship Management is essentially a business software system, or “Cloud Software” that helps individuals and teams maximize their productivity by improving customer communications and well as marketing, sales, and customer service effectiveness overall. Primarily, CRM is a system for recording and storing all customer-interaction information in one place; however, proper and effective management of your customers is a core, critical component.

CRM solutions offer a standardized method for both gathering and sharing customer data as well as improving the way your company markets, sells, and supports customers.  CRM solutions help in improving customer service by assuring that every customer inquiry is handled. It holds users accountable for proper follow-up and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) such as time to initial response. It also helps users provide better support by displaying all the vital information on dashboards, such as customer preferences, purchase history, past interactions, and more.

A Modern CRM System, such as Power-CRM,  can help you provide a positive experience to your valuable customers every time they interact with your company/employees. This is possible since CRM provides detailed information on each customer, thereby allowing the employees to engage with them effectively. Furthermore, an integrated connection to Microsoft Outlook, lets you populate your Power-CRM with relevant information. By having both CRM and Email on whatever device you use: desktop, tablet, or mobile device, Power-CRM can help boost customer service levels by having all relevant communication in one place.

In addition to having customer information that is easy to find, Power-CRM can help you stay connected to your customers by having a “Support” area to better serve your customers.  The Case Management/Ticket Management component in Power-CRM allows you to stay in communication with both your customer and internal team to provide a documented resolution for each support case matched up against your Account record.  As Customer Support Case gets sent in they can be delegated to certain people in your company with all supporting notes in Power-CRM as the support ticket progresses.

Power-CRM, offered by iCepts Technology Group, is a full-featured, yet affordable Cloud CRM solution that can help your business both the effective tracking of new leads and opportunities while offering a system for better customer engagement.  Pricing for Power-CRM starts at just $25/user/month + services.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc a Microsoft and Power-CRM Reseller in Pennsylvania 

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