trixbox CE phone system features:

• Follow-me – where other specified phones (cell or otherwise) are automatically rung when a phone extension goes unanswered. In other words when someone calls an extension (like 555-1212 x123), if that extension isn’t picked up, the phone system can be configured to connect the call to a cell phone or home phone or any other phone number. All of this happens without the caller knowing they are being connected to an alternate number.

• Voicemail notifications in email – Allows notification by email when a new voicemail is left. This email can optionally also include the voicemail recording as an attachment. (One can listen to his/her voicemail from an email client.) So as long as there is access to email, one can stay on top of any voicemails as well. This allows for the archiving of voicemails within email folders to help facilitate the organization of both email and voicemail messages.

• Conference bridges – where people can call into a trixbox CE phone system to join tele-conferences hosted there. An outside service is not needed.

• Call transferring – This gives the ability for an incoming call to be answered and then transferred to a cell phone (or other phone number), allowing whomever answered to drop out of the call.

• Call recording – The user can optionally choose to record call conversations.

• Call conferencing – Allows multiple people to be included on a call. This also includes adding cell phones or other remote numbers to the call.

• Caller-ID – Caller-ID is display on voicemails and incoming calls, if this service is provided by the phone company.

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