As the acceleration to cloud business technologies continue, businesses that are using an outdated legacy system or even an ERP program that is being phased out often have many questions around how to effectively transition to Modern ERP Cloud Systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  These questions typically involve what are the advantages of Cloud Business Management Systems (ERP), what are the required steps to make a smooth change, business functionality, pricing, and support.  The below discussion will reveal what to expect when Transitioning to Microsoft Business Central and Frequently Asks Questions (FAQ).

What Advantage is there for Migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

By migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, customers will get all the benefits of a true cloud solution, such as easy 24/7 access anywhere from any device with Microsoft’s secure servers, seamless upgrades, easy integration building through web APIs, and reduced hardware costs.

For customers interested in the cloud, starting today, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers unprecedented opportunities to drive the transformation of the customers’ businesses, increasing their business performance through the power of Microsoft cloud technologies and services.

Are there any technology tools to help transfer data to Microsoft Business Central?

Yes, Microsoft has developed an implementation tool called RapidStart.  With Microsoft RapidStart Service, migration to newer, Microsoft ERP systems is easier to Export and Important information to give you a solid framework for starting with your new system.

What sort of functionality is in Microsoft Dynamcis 365 Business Central? Are there different versions of the ERP Systems? 

There are 2 different Microsoft Dynamcis 365 Business Central Licensing Versions: Essentials and Premium.   The Essentials Version has extensive functionality around Advanced Financials, Supply Chain and Inventory Control, Project Management, Warehousing, CRM, and more.  The Premium Version has all of the functionality in Essentials 2 key ERP Capabilities of Manufacturing and Service Management.

What is the pricing for each version of Business Central?

The pricing of Microsoft Business Central depends on which version you select; either Essentials or Premium.  You must select just one version and cannot mix and match different licensing types.  The Essentials version is $70/user/month and the Premium Version is $100/user/month.  This pricing is for the cloud version of Business Central; there is also an option for On-Premises as well.

Will customers have to pay for cloud hosting if they migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud?

No, with Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, everything is included in one fee—software, cloud hosting, and management services.

Is there also an On-Premises Option?

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is available either as a Cloud or On-Premises solution.  There are advantages to both Cloud and On-Premises ERP Deployment.  The pricing for the On-Premises ERP Version, however, is different.

Can I get an estimate on Microsoft Dyancmis 365 Business and what Services may be involved to get started:

Yes, a Microsoft Dynamcis 365 Partner, such as iCepts Technology Group, has created a project Estimate Tool for Business Central to give you a better idea of both licensing pricing and services.

How do I learn more?

Click here to Learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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