Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are increasingly becoming a technology that distributors and manufacturers rely on to automate warehouse movements in order to track inventory better including enhancements in performing a unified and efficient method for the proper flow on inventory.

Warehouses and the logistics required to run the day-to-day operations are increasing becoming more complex. Between compliance requirements, customer demands, the need for “instant” communication and reporting are part of today’s business environment.  In an ever elaborate supply chain system, the need arises for having increased inventory accuracy and a strategy in place to control labor cost.

This document will focus on the top ten features within a best-in-breed WMS System. There is much more 'layered' functionality within this technology. This report will give you an idea of a good foundation for WMS functionality and how WMS can help with operationally improvements.

Accuracy matters and efficiency gains through Warehouse Management Systems are specifically designed to improve the proper flow of inventory within the warehouse through automation and creating a unified and streamlined supply chain movement methodology.

In this document, you will get a better idea of basic supply chain management fundamentals associated with warehousing technology that can greatly help your organization achieve greater efficiency.

Multiple Picking Options-Learn about different picking options such as Wave, Batch and others and the numerous benefits associated with having warehouse picking styles.

CountingAccurate counting procedures, such as Cycle Counting, should be part of any WMS system to ensure to proper amount and tracking of inventory. This document will explore 3 different comment cycle counting strategies

Lot/Serial Number Trackingthis feature is designed to extend the inventory management capability in the warehouse to include tracking discrete balances by lot and/or tracking specific serial numbered items.

Order AllocationWarehouse allocation is responsible for the logical reservation of product for sales orders. Allocation may be based on specific criteria such as FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, batch, pack-size, zone and warehouse.

Advanced Functionality-Get a better idea of advanced features and functionally not found in typical Enterprise Warehousing Modules such as: Cartonization, Batch Picking, Zone Picking, Kitting, Directed Put-Away, and more!

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