Microsoft Power BI itself is an extremely powerful tool that is becoming very popular with businesses today. Power BI allows users with very little experience to create compelling reports and data analysis with just a few clicks.  In a fast-paced era of business information and data; having access to relevant and quick reporting is critical.  Microsoft Power BI Reporting can save companies time by having the availability of mission-critical data that is easily obtained to view the health of the company plus offer guidance for better decisions.  However, what is companies reporting requirements are more complex? With DAX you can gain an even better view of your Power BI Reporting.

DAX or Data Analysis Expression is a code language that enhances Power BI reporting capabilities by creating calculated columns, measures, and custom tables. DAX is essentially an accumulation of functions, that can be utilized in a formula (or expression) to calculator values. In practice, DAX can solve a number of calculation and data analysis problems, which can help you create new information from data that is already in your model. Utilizing DAX can be a bit overwhelming at first but as one gain experience it can be extremely useful and take your Power BI reports to a new level.

Some business scenarios on how your company can benefit from utilizing DAX with Microsoft Power BI are below:

  • With your Power BI Reporting, do you have more than one relationship with your data model?  With DAX you can tell Power BI which relationship to use and when.
  • Do you want to set a parameter for a “what if” comparison?  With Power BI and DAX, that is not a problem.
  • Do your business reporting requirements specialize in time functions? For example, Year to Date, Month to Date?  This can easily be accomplished with Dax and a related Date Table.

DAX is an extremely powerful language when combined with Microsoft Power BI. Once the developer has mastered DAX, then your company can take advantage of even greater and insightful reporting with Power BI. At iCepts Technology Group, Inc. we offer several Microsoft Business Technologies including Microsoft Power BI, Custom Reports for Power BI, and assistance with DAX as well. Contact us below for more information!

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