Microsoft Dynamics NAV “Navision” ERP system is a popular and robust Business Management System used by over 80,000 customers worldwide.  Below are some functionality examples within the system.

Alternative Ship -To

Set up ship-to addresses for a specific customer when the customer has multiple invoicing and ship-to addresses.

Basic Receivables

Set up and maintain the customer table. Post sales transactions in journals and manage receivables; register customers and manage receivables using general journals. Together with Multiple Currencies, this granule can post sales transactions and manage receivables in multiple currencies for each customer. Basic Receivables is integrated with Basic General Ledger and Inventory and is required for the configuration of all other Sales and Receivables granules. Sales Invoicing is also frequently used with this granule. Always use this granule when your solution requires a customer table.


Set up calendars with working and non-working days. Assign a base calendar to customers, vendors, locations, companies, shipping agent services, and the service management setup—and make changes to each as necessary. Calendar entries will be used in date calculations on sales orders, purchase orders, transfer orders, production orders, service orders, and requisition and planning worksheets.

Campaign Pricing

Work with sales prices and sales line discounts connected with specific campaigns. After you have activated the prices/discounts, any customer or contact related to a company currently in a segment associated with a given campaign can access the price/discount associated with that campaign. Prices are valid for the life of the campaign or until you decide to deactivate them. When you create a sales document or service order, the campaign price/discount is included among the pricing reductions available when Microsoft Dynamics NAV chooses the price to retrieve on the line.

Order Promising

Calculate availability and delivery dates. Find out if it is possible to deliver on a particular date, or calculate a possible delivery date based on lead time or production time if you have no inventory available.

Sales Invoicing

Set up, post, and print customer invoices and sales credit memos. This granule is fully integrated with General Ledger and Inventory.

Sales Invoice Discounts

Calculate invoice discounts automatically. Set up any number of invoice discount terms, including a certain minimum amount, discount percentage, and/or a service charge. The discount is calculated on the individual item lines and becomes part of the net sum of the invoice. Calculations can be done in both local and foreign currencies.

Sales Line Discounting

Work with customer discounts that are either customer-specific or customer-group-specific so you can share a discount among several customers. Negotiate the discount percentage for each customer or customer discount group.

Sales Line Pricing

Work with sales prices that are either customer-specific or customer-group-specific so that you can share a price among several customers. Negotiate the actual prices with the customer or customer price group.

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