At iCepts Technology Group, Inc. we pride ourselves on connecting our clients with top-tier solutions that enhance their operations. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Enhanced Planning Pack by Insight Works. This app seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central, addressing the specialized needs of the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Our experience as a Microsoft Partner has shown that while Dynamics 365 Business Central is a robust business management system, industries such as manufacturing, and distribution often encounter challenges that require tailored solutions add-ons. When this occurs the Enhanced Planning Pack from Insight Works can be of great assistance.

The Enhanced Planning Pack packs a powerful punch when it comes to item stock levels, forecasting, and optimizing processes in manufacturing and distribution. The series of apps add a ton of functionality to Business Central helping users streamline their planning processes. Existing Business Central users will appreciate the added functionality as much as new users.

This robust set of Apps integrates forecasting, inventory management, and production planning with advanced algorithms and Microsoft’s Cortana Machine Learning, redefining operational efficiency and business strategy optimization. Considering the below business scenarios in both manufacturing and distribution the Enhanced Planning Pack App for Microsoft Business Central has a  direct impact.

Tailored Forecasting:

  • Scenario: Imagine a toy manufacturer preparing for the festive rush, looking to predict the demand for new toys, balancing past sales data, market trends, and production capacities.
  • Solution: The Enhanced Planning Pack offers focused forecasting, providing bespoke insights for distinct items or categories. This ensures optimal production quantities, leading to reduced waste and maximized returns.

AI-Powered Decision Making:

  • Scenario: Think of a food distributor juggling seasonal fruits and vegetable supplies, continually adapting to changing seasons and varying farming yields.
  • Solution: The Enhanced Planning Pack offers precise AI-driven insights by integrating with Cortana Machine Learning. This feature enables businesses like the food distributor to predict demand fluctuations, ensuring a steady supply and minimizing wastage.

Efficient Inventory Management Across Multiple Locations:

  • Scenario: A global electronics brand with factories and storage facilities scattered worldwide needs to optimize stock levels.
  • Solution: The Enhanced Planning Pack provides a consolidated view of inventory across diverse locations, facilitating efficient stock transfers and minimizing overproduction or stock-out situations.

Streamlined Production Planning:

  • Scenario: An auto components manufacturer faces increased demand for a particular part and wants to evaluate the feasibility of ramping up production.
  • Solution: Equipped with BOM (Bill of Materials) Analysis and Production Feasibility tools, businesses can quickly assess material needs, production schedules, and associated costs.

Next Steps:

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Posted by iCepts Tehnology Group, Inc. a Microsoft Business Central and Insight Works Partner in Pennsylvania

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