At iCepts Technology Group, Inc. we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technological advances that could benefit our valued customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has been a cornerstone for manufacturers, with its deep-rooted capabilities in streamlining operations and meeting modern production demands.  Microsoft Business Central can also be enhanced further by a network of add-on functionality partners in Microsoft’s Independent Software Vendor’s solutions marketplace called AppSource. When adding to Microsoft Business Central capabilities we work with and highly recommend Insight Works which has a suite of useful add-on solutions. Keep reading to learn how to Optimize and Streamline Production Scheduling in Business Central with Graphical Scheduler.

As just mentioned, you can extend your ERP solutions functionality through many business applications (Apps) on the Microsoft AppSource market platform. These solutions are designed by trusted technology partners who develop specific business capabilities.  Some of these add-on business solutions are Free including Graphical Scheduler! Graphical Scheduler turns complex production scheduling into a simple, time-efficient task with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, one-click access to detailed operation data, and flexible calendar views. Stay in control of your production line, make informed decisions, and maximize productivity, all while saving valuable time and resources. By seamlessly in­tegrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Graphical Scheduler revolutionizes how you visualize, manage, and optimize your production schedules.

Graphical Scheduler can enhance Business Central’s Manufacturing including:

  • Visualization: Business Central is formidable in its scheduling capabilities, and visualizing workstation schedules simplifies these processes immensely.
  • Real-time Adjustments: In today’s agile manufacturing world, instantaneous scheduling adjustments are paramount. This is solved by having more intuitive scheduling without being bogged down by complex configurations.
  • Intuitive Scheduling Interface: A straightforward drag-and-drop scheduling experience.
  • Quick Detail Access: Accessing specific details directly from schedules in Business Central.
  • Customizable Scheduling View: Highlighting operations statuses with customizable visual cues would help identify bottlenecks.

Typical Users that benefit from Production Scheduling in Business Central enhancements include:

  • Production Managers oversee manufacturing, ensuring smooth processes. Graphical Scheduler aids visualtracking, enhancing efficiency.
  • Operations Supervisors manage specific areas in manufacturing. Graphical Scheduler offers granular insights for quick adjustments.
  • Supply Chain Managers coordinate inventory and supply chains. Graphical Scheduler aligns production with broader goals.
  • Warehouse Managers optimize tasks and resources in warehouses. Warehouse Pick Assignment balances workload.
  • ERP Consultants and System Administrators tailor scheduling to business needs. Graphical Scheduler suits unique requirements.
  • Project Managers align production with project timelines. Graphical Scheduler ensures timely delivery and resource use.

Learn more about Enhance Production Scheduling in Business Central with Graphic Scheduler from Insight Works

Watch a Quick Video on Graphical Scheduler for Microsoft Business Central

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