At iCepts Technology Group, we offer a wide array of Supply Chain Management and Technology Systems for Small To Mid-Sized companies.   We have an entire department and dedicated team for Infrastructure Technology Solutions. One of our most exciting hardware offerings is the HPE Nimble SAN (Storage Area Network).  When looking for the highest performing network, a Nimble SAN is certainly worth consideration.  HPE offers both hybrid (HDD & SSD) Nimble SAN’s as well as all flash (pure SSD) SAN’s.  This flexibility of HPE’s storage solutions is one reason we recommend Hewlett-Packard’s products; another one is their speed.

Nimble SAN’s offer very fast writes, with average write times under 0.2ms for the AF40 model.  But even the hybrid Nimble SAN’s offer similar performance because of Nimble’s proprietary coalescing of writes intonon-volatile DRAM.  This allows the write to be acknowledged even before being written to flash or traditional hard drives (in the case of the hybrid SAN’s).

Low-latency reads, or an optimized network that can process much information with limited delays, are accomplished by caching “hot” data to flash (in the hybrid models).  Obviously, for the all-flash model’s data is stored in flash so even data which hadn’t been accessed in a long time can be retrieved very quickly.

HPE’s cloud-based Infosight (predictive analytics) is also a great management tool for Nimble SAN’s, offering AI analysis of the Nimble SAN’s performance and utilization.  Utilizing HPE Infosight, your company can create snapshot schedules on the Nimble SAN’s and snapshot volumes every 15 minutes or less.  The snapshots do not have a performance impact on the SAN and can even utilize Windows VSS to create application-consistent snapshots on your Windows VM’s.  You can have thousands of snapshots and keep weeks (or months) of snapshots (if you have enough storage) to be able to have very granular restore options.

While Hyper-Converged Infrastructures (HCI) offer a great price point with impressive storage performance with using all flash drives, for even lower latency and higher IOPS a Nimble SAN should be a strong consideration.

We specialize in Windows Server Fail-over Clusters (WSFC) using Nimble SAN’s.  HPE Nimble SANs are industry-leading, efficient, and engineered with smart architecture.   Hewlett Packard Nimble SANs are just one part of many Infrastructure Technology Solutions that we offer.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. A HPE Partner in Pennsylvania 

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