Shopify and Business Central- Yes, an out-of-the-box connection!

Connect your Shopify store (or multiple stores) to Business Central. Use the leading storefront or eCommerce platform with one of the leading ERP and accounting solutions for small to medium businesses.

Do you have a Shopify store and you are struggling to manage order flow, inventory, supply chain, and accounting? You will no longer have to use multiple disconnected systems for sales, order fulfillment, and invoicing. These systems are connected and data flows between the two to save you time and money!

Multiple Shops

  • Each shop has its own setup
  • Each shop has its own collection of products
  • Each shop has its own inventory location used to calculate inventory
  • Each shop has its own price list

Bi-directional synchronization of customers, products, and inventory levels. Import orders directly from Shopify.


Bi-Directional synchronization of customers. This includes a smart map of customers by phone and email. The integration uses tax area-specific templates to help ensure tax settings are correct.  There is an option to write item tracking information back to Shopify so your customers are always up to date.

Inventory Levels

Choose a sub-set or all of the available inventory in Business Central for your shop. Update inventory levels for multiple locations in your shop as well. Keep your inventory up to date between the 2 systems.

Import Orders from your shop

Automatically bring orders from your Shopify stores to Business Central. During the order import, you can decide if you want to automatically create customers in Business Central or manage them in Shopify. The choice is yours.

You can include orders from other channels such as Shopify POS or Amazon. You will receive payout information from Shopify Payments also.

Start making more money today!

Offer a more connected shopping experience for your customers, while streamlining your operations and financial management. By connecting Shopify and Dynamics 365 Business Central you get the flexibility, control, and tracking needed to drive your company’s growth.

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