VoIP (Voice over IP) involves the transmitting of voice traffic over an existing Local Area Network (LAN) using wiring already in place for computer connectivity (CAT 5 cabling).  So instead of having separate cables for the phone system to connect to the desk phones, with VoIP, the data connections can be used to connect phones to the phone system.  The “phone system” is now another server that is integrated into the network.  As the voice and data travel together, this allows new options for connectivity – such as allowing someone to use his/her computer as a phone (called a “softphone”), having call management “dashboards” on PC’s, checking voicemail from email or a web browser, and allowing calls to be placed from Outlook.  Just as current remote branch offices or remote users can access the computer network through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), now those remote offices or users can also access the VoIP phone system allowing the transfer of calls between offices, remote users to have a local extension, and the cost savings of potentially eliminating branch phone lines.  VoIP allows for the convergence (or merging) of email, fax, and voicemail.

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