VisionPayroll, from Kenek Software, is an integrated payroll management and human resources add-in for businesses using Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is a flexible in-house solution designed to work with businesses in any industry — from manufacturing and services, to distribution and retail.

By using VisionPayroll as part of a Dynamics NAV-based ERP system, businesses maintain full control of their most sensitive employee data. Data entry and calculations are completed by in-house staff, lowering the overall cost per transaction and saving expensive processing fees with third-parties.

In addition, the ability to post, store and report upon detailed ledger entries per employee or departments saves considerable time and money required to obtain similar ad-hoc or “one off” reports from outsourced providers.

Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Payroll include to ability to:

  • Define an unlimited number of pay controls
  • Define pay cycles to suit the business
  • Support multiple business locations and job types
  • Enter, track and report pay by hour, pay cycle, and source
  • Calculate commissions
  • Track and post expenses
  • Handle annual U.S. and Canada tax updates easily
  • Print your own W-2s or T-4s

Additional functionality for Human Resource Functionality include the ability to streamline salary administration, on boarding of new hires, and the electronic management of all communication to employee.

Learn more about Payroll and HR functionality for Microsoft Dynamics NAV below:

Payroll Functionality for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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