Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers integrated functionality to support all your sales, procurement, fulfillment, manufacturing, warehousing and financial management needs so you can accelerate goods through the supply chain to quickly and profitably satisfy customers. A flexible, attractively priced business solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers organizations the ability to synchronize supply chain processes, automate for faster execution, reduce cycle time, increase customer satisfaction, enhance trade partner collaboration, and gain business insight.

This Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution provides integrated, real-time data in open, standard formats that can be easily shared using common communication and collaboration tools to synchronize the entire supply chain. That means there’s transparency both within the organization and across organizational boundaries, so trade partners can work together effectively to satisfy customers, respond to changes, and profitably meet the challenges of competitive markets.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is built on Microsoft technology and works smoothly with many other Microsoft products and technologies commonly in use by businesses everywhere. Either in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid combination, Dynamics NAV can help your organization meet today’s business challenges today and in the future.

Key benefits of Optimizing your Supply Chain with Microsoft Dynamics NAV include:

  1. Connecting people throughout the supply chain with the information they need to save time, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.
  2. Enhancing productivity by integrating, streamlining, and automating processes for faster fulfillment.
  3. Improving replenishment and inventory management.
  4. Gaining insight for business and supply chain improvement.
  5. Achieving a fast return on investment and a low total cost of ownership.

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