There is an increasing transition towards Digital Transformation and a desire for businesses to take advantage of the latest technology solutions with Cloud Business Systems.  Businesses that embrace Cloud Technology Solutions can do so at a lower cost, plus have their application or systems updated much more frequently. One downside of the “Cloud” and putting all of your information online is that you are in a sense “renting” your business application, plus you lose control over updates and having access to your physical infrastructure along with everything that is part of this. Even as the demand for cloud business solutions continues there is also a steady desire to partner with an experience On-Premises Server Support Partner.

We help companies with Cloud Business Technologies options, and for decades we have also been helping companies with traditional on-premises infrastructure since 1980!  This is one of our core business offerings and we bring decades of experience to help your company with its on-premises infrastructure needs.  In addition, we have helped clients, at their own pace, migrate their business systems to a cloud environment when they are ready.  Our experienced systems engineers can consult with your company on how to properly support and get the most out of your existing on-premises infrastructure and also what “moving to the cloud” would look like if there is an interest.

We partner with some of the best Computer Servers Companies such as HPE, Lenovo, and Dell.  These established Server Companies all have different advantages and pricing options.  We can shop around for the best choice for your company and with the features that are important to your organization.  By doing so, we can provide you with the best value within your budget.  We can expertly set up your Server, to test and make sure it is performing to your satisfaction and also make any recommendations if needed. For example, Storage Area Network (SAN) storage, backup and disaster recovery, and firewall and antimalware security.  In addition, we can help support your Microsoft Windows Operating System and prepare for any End Of Life (EOL) upgrades that are needed.

Keep in mind if your company would like to partner with an On-Premises Server Support company or keep some of your Infrastructure Technology “on-site”, iCepts Technology also can help with additional services.  In addition to On-Premises Server Support, we also provide assistance with Local and WAN Networking, Data to Cloud Migration Services, and IT Consulting Services.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. an On-Premises Infrastructure Support Partner in Pennsylvania 

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