Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a robust and mature Business Management ERP System designed for growing Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing companies. The Starter Pack in Dynamics NAV is for companies who need core financials and trade functionality including:

  • Basic Financials Management (General Ledger and Fixed Assets)
  • Basic Supply Chain Management and Basic Sales Management (Sales, Purchasing and Inventory)
  • Professional Services (Project management) with a wide set of
  • Business Insight and reporting functionality as an integral part of the product.

Additionally the Starter pack comes with a wide set to tools to customize the solution to meet the needs of every customer together with deep integration opportunities to be made through web services.  In licensing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there are 2 options for its’ core functionality: The Starter Pack and Extended Pack.

In this post, we will focus on Multiple Languages and Human Resource ERP Functionality with Dynamics NAV’ Starter Pack.Business group showing ethnic diversity in a meeting

Multiple Document Languages:  Set up alternative descriptions of your inventory items and print reports in multiple languages (for example, you can make invoices in the receiver’s language). Descriptions can be linked to individual customers, which is especially useful for sales to foreign countries.  It can, however, be useful to customize the item descriptions even for domestic customers. The alternative item descriptions are automatically selected. To use the multiple language features, the texts for the alternative languages must be inserted in the relevant application objects.

Multiple Languages (Each):  Switch languages on the client in real time, provided that the language is available in the program. The language module can be used to run Multilanguage functionality. However, users can use this language module only if the personal license file contains the language granule for the specific language. Each language granule covers the functionality for only one specific language. For example, the Danish language module contains all Danish strings for Danish functionality. It does not contain Danish strings for French or other language functionality

Basic Human Resources:  Efficiently manage your company’s human resources. Group and track relevant employee information and organize employee data according to different types of information, such as experience, skills, education, training, and union membership. Store personal information, track job openings in your organization, and extract a list of candidates for these positions.

Keep track of benefits and company items such as keys, credit cards, computers, and cars. Easily record all types of absences in units of measure that you define, and attach alternative addresses and relatives’ names to employees.

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