Mobile Sales for Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV mobile sales screen shot

Increase sales and customer satisfaction by giving your sales reps ability to enter orders and look up customer and item information on their tablets remotely.


Why waste their time and the time of your office staff by having them continue to:

  • Call, fax, email in their orders,
  • Call in to ask for customer information such as addresses, contact information or past sales information.

Do you realize how much money this costs you each and every day?


With our mobile sales portal your sales reps can completely service your customers  with information such as:

  • Customer information such as address and billing information.
  • Customer open orders
  • Past sales and invoices
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Enter orders for their customers
  • Edit open orders in NAV
  • View released orders
  • Item information
  • Item availability


Utilizes Google maps for creating routes to your customers!


Mobile sales portal can give your sales reps the tools they need to be much more efficient. They will also be able to service your customers better and sell more!

This will work on an iPad, Android tablet, Microsoft tablet as well as a PC or Mac.
Please ask us how your company, your sales team, and your customers can benefit.

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