ExpandIT Mobile Sales gives sales representatives access to customer, product, and order history information from your organizations Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, allows them to create orders, and print order confirmations and invoices.

The tight integration with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system gives a tremendous reduction in administrative overhead. Users testify a 40 percent cost reduction on every order taken using ExpandIT Mobile Sales.

Reducing paperwork increases the efficiency of the sales representatives up to 20 percent: more prospects can be visited as less time is spent pushing paper.


The Customer Application allows the user to search and select customers registered in the back office ERP system. The user can search for any available fields and can modify and print the information.

In the Action menu, ExpandIT Mobile Sales customers have added such modifications as a detailed map showing delivery roads, sales statistics, and route planning functionality.

Other customers have ExpandIT Mobile Sales linked to their favorite global positioning software.


The user selects a customer and the appropriate information is displayed. This includes historical information such open orders, last orders and ledger entries. Using ExpandITs unique offline/online technology we display additional information when there is a connection to the server.

ExpandIT Mobile tells the difference between a barcode and a quantity so the user can input barcode/item number in the same field as the quantity and save valuable time.

Once the order lines have been completed the user can enter the requested shipment date and the address.

Signature Capture

The user can select or skip the signature pad when completing an order and now completes the customer visit in order to update the central planning board.


The Order Application allows entry of new sales orders. Items can be added typing in the item number, using a barcode scanner, or by selecting items in the Product Application area.

If the same item has been ordered twice, Compress Lines will add the quantities. The signature function enables you to capture a customer signature for a specific order.

Some ExpandIT customers have modified the Calculate function to include discounts from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV System.

Order History

The Order History Application is the representative’s access to previously obtained orders and contains such information as order date, ordered items, shipment date for each item or group of items, order number, quantity and amount.

There are ExpandIt customers that have modified this application area to include a Re-order function.

Mobile Service:

Would your organization like to get rid of forms, sheets or other pieces of paper that are used to transport information to and from your customers?

Has your organization ever estimated the cost of pushing business documents created by service employees working in the field?

With ExpandIT Mobile Service Management your organization will be able to minimize these costs while at the same time providing service employees, as well as managers, with up-to-date information. In addition, each service employee will only receive service requests that are relevant for her/him.

The service employees will be able to receive service requests as well as report registrations to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system using virtually any Windows Powered device or browser.

Service requests from customers are typically entered directly in yourMicrosoft Dynamics NAV system as service orders. The requests are synchronized to the service employee’s mobile computer and she/he will be able to take action immediately. The service order includes all crucial information, including the customer’s name, address, the service priority, the customer’s preferred appointment date and time, and, of course, a description of the problem.

As the work is completed, the service employee records all important service information such as type of service, fault reason, fault area, symptom, solution and quantity on her/his mobile computer. Furthermore, the service employees can add onsite requests which supplement the ones that already exists in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system during synchronization. This contributes to invoicing the customer correctly and for the actual costs without demanding extra resources in your administration.

Synchronization between the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system and the mobile computers can be accomplished i.e. via her/his cellular telephone whenever the service employee finds it convenient and necessary.

Conclusively, an ExpandIT Mobile Service Management solution consists of a set of applications (see illustrations) that together create the total solution. Each application can be continuously modified to suit the market as well as the user requirements.  Contact us for additional information and a free demo:

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