Data; we rely on it to make decisions, to guide our next move. We capture more information now than ever before and data collection continues to grow at an exponential rate. How do we consume all this data? What is meaningful, what is noise? How much time do we have to devote to sifting through a mountain of numbers and words only to hope we have not missed the forest through trees? In such a vast amount of business information, Microsoft Power BI and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can greatly assist companies with this challenge.

Business Intelligence, specifically Microsoft Power BI is a tool that can depict not only the forest but each tree and branch that makes up that forest. Teamed with its built-in AI functions, Power BI can deliver both big-picture analysis and very detailed reporting. Al allows the report builder in Power BI, for example, to find key trends, anomalies, make comparisons and even analyze using natural speaking inquires, such as “show profit on for last three months.”

Utilizing AI in Power BI is extremely powerful and very accessible.  Microsoft Power BI allows the user to automatically gather Key Insights and see their data in ways that might not have been readily apparent, but with a few clicks, one can see a much clearer picture. Employing AI functions in Power BI allows the user to save time in the analysis process. Utilizing AI, a comment section of a website can quickly be grouped into positive and negative comments all based on key phrases and words. Power BI teamed with AI allows the user to build out meaningful reporting tools to visualize past trends current trends and future trends. AI can build predictive models based on your historical data to give projections of your current course and what factors are impacting the projection.

When we talk about Power BI and presenting data this results in Reporting Dashboard, which are graphical representations of business information. Dashboards can be visually stunning in their display of data created through both Power BI and IA. A well-built Power BI dashboard can filter out the noise, show meaningful actionable data in an easy-to-use environment. Never have users had a tool they can paint a picture not only of the past, but the present, and future clearly. Power BI along with AI makes all that possible!

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