How Microsoft Financing Can Benefit Your Organization

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Total Solution Financing

There are many advantages with Total Solution Financing, including:

  • Get the IT solution you need to achieve business goals.
  • Manage software, services (such as deployment) and Partner or 3rd party products as one investment.
  • Align IT benefits with costs versus making a substantial cash investment upfront.
  • Preserve cash and credit lines for other strategic priorities.

Customers can finance their entire IT solution; in addition to financing their Microsoft solution, customers can also finance partner and third-party services and products under one agreement.

Reasons to Choose an Easy Payment Plan
Microsoft Financing makes it easy for your company to add or upgrade products as your software needs change. Whether you need software or a more comprehensive end-to-end technology solution, our customized payment options can meet your unique needs no matter if your budget is U.S.$60,000 or U.S.$5-plus million.

Software License Financing

CFOs may worry that they will have paid for their technology investment long before they realize any benefit from it. With Software License Financing, you get flexible payment options that are customized to fit your accounts payable (A/P) cycle and your budget—enabling your company to stay current on IT and still free up corporate lines for other expenses. Customized payment structures can also address budget constraints while presenting new opportunities to reduce costs and improve productivity.

This example shows how customized payments—through the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement—start lower in the first year and increase as the organization realizes the benefits of its new IT solution:

customized payments chart

This allows your organization to get the IT upgrade you need now and pay for it in the future by structuring the payments so that they ramp in concert with the deployment plan.

Flexible payments allow customers to optimize their IT roadmap. By working with a Microsoft Solution Partner who understands their business, a customer can align IT costs to benefits and ensure that the solution is part of a long-term plan rather than just a quick fix. Monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual payments are available—each with the option of ramping or deferring payments to align with product deployment or cash flow requirements.

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