Companies are making the transition to cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions for their next Business Management System.  However, some organizations are not quite ready or just need support with their existing On-Premises Microsoft ERP System such as  Microsoft Dynamcis NAV.  In this scenario, iCepts Technology Group can be of great assistance if you need help with Microsoft Dynamis NAV Support and whenever your company is ready to migrate to the Cloud for your EPR system.

Our History:

iCepts Technology Group, Inc. is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner. We have a proven track record of implementing anding supporting Microsoft Dynamics NAV “Navision” customers and bring a vast amount of experience with using this popular and robust ERP solution since 1996.  We offer support from implementation to programming to infrastructure and are your “one-stop” technology partner.  Enterprise Software, like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is designed to handle the complex interworkings of a company’s financials, inventory, warehousing, sales, purchases, manufacturing, etc. under one system to streamline supply chain operations and get a much better idea of trends and business data through advanced detailed reporting.  We have a great deal of experience with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, leveraging web services and everything from sales to warehouse management.  iCepts is an “Employee Owned” Company and has been in business for 40 years.  In addition to extensive knowledge of Dynamics NAV, we can assist with any of the popular add-on, ISV functionalities such as Payroll, ECommerce, Forecasting, and more!

Dynamics NAV “Navision History:

Navision is the original ERP system for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  More specifically, “Navision” was the name of a Danish accounting package that was founded in 1983 in which Microsoft acquired in 2002.  Microsoft has 4 business management systems that are part of a category of “Enterprise Resource Planning” systems or ERP that are designed to connect many different business units under one system.  Microsoft “Navision” has had several name changes over time including “Navision Financials”, “Navision Solutions”, “Navision Attain”, and “Microsoft Business Solutions”.  In 2005, Microsoft re-branded this ERP product and called it “Microsoft Dynamics NAV”.  People call this system “NAV” as it one word, however, the correct terminology is spelling out the words “N, A, V”.  Frequently, users today, still call it “Navision”, though. Throughout its history, Dynamics NAV, has been released with many editions to help gain access to this vital business intelligence and to make it both easy-to-use and customizable to adapt to an organization’s unique business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Next Generation of Dynamics NAV:

The next generation of Dynamics NAV is called Microsoft Dynamcis 365 Business Central. In the modern age of digital transformation, Business Central, sometimes called “Cloud NAV” brings along the robust business Functionality-wise, most of the same expansive business capabilities are also contained in Business Central compared to Dynamics NAV; such as Supply Chain, Financial, Warehousing, ect.  However, the difference now is a more, intuitive user interface, in addition to advanced business functionality that takes advantage of the power of cloud applications and integrations; for example, Microsoft PowerApps.  PowerApps is a community of business applications that are easy to create to enhance Microsoft ERPs capabilities.  There are hundreds of tailored business applications currently available to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  PowerApps ramps up the ability to customize a users’ ERP solution quickly and scale to add business functionality as your company requires overtime.

By migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, customers will get all the benefits of a true cloud solution, such as easy 24/7 access anywhere from any device with Microsoft’s secure servers, seamless upgrades, easy integration building through web APIs, and reduced hardware costs. For customers interested in the cloud, starting today, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers unprecedented opportunities to drive the transformation of the customers’ businesses, increasing their business performance through the power of Microsoft cloud technologies and services.

Next Steps:

If your company required assistance with Microsoft Dynamics “Navision” NAV software or just have questions about transiting to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, please below the information links and contact us today!

Microsoft Dynamis NAV Support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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