Microsoft Dynamics NAV is truly a global software solution.  More than 1 million users and 100,000 companies world wide rely on this trusted and mature Business Management Enterprise System from Microsoft.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV is localized, translated and supported by Microsoft and made generally available in the countries and languages contained in this NAV Product Availability GuidMicrosoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Product Availability Guidee.  Localization and Translation are important to understand how this is accomplished.

Localization is the process of adapting software to meet country-specific laws or regulations. Microsoft localizes Microsoft Dynamics NAV to include features and functionality designed to address specific tax, counting or financial reporting requirements for various countries.

Features or functionalities that are available in a particular country may not be available in all countries. Please consult your channel partner for details about product features and capabilities. Also consult them and/or your professional advisers to determine whether this software is appropriate for your business needs in a given country

Translation is the process of adapting software or documentation to meet language requirements for a particular country. For a given language, Microsoft may translate some, all or none of the user interface (UI) and documentation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Contact your channel partner or the local Microsoft office for more information

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