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Microsoft Dynamics NAV hosted or SaaS (Software as a service)

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Customers have worries about implementing software on local servers and infrastructure with all burden of support, availability, security and hidden cost. By choosing Microsoft Dynamics NAV hosted with iCepts, the customer has full transparency regarding costs and gets access to a fully serviced Microsoft Dynamics NAV with a cloud environment. The costs are based on actual usage of users and can therefore vary per month, making the solution ready to grow with your business.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV hosted cloud computing (SaaS) includes the following benefits:

  • No upfront software purchase
  • No upfront hardware purchase
  • Includes annual license fees
    • Customer Source web site for unlimited online training
    • Newest version is made available
    • Support and learning information
    • Add or remove users at anytime as needed

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For many customers using a hosted dynamics nav ERP solution made it possible to manage complex integration projects over several locations worldwide, offer a temporary solution in case of big IT projects or using SaaS services as an impartial solution for the cooperation between two large organizations.



Dynamics NAV (SaaS) hosted Cloud pricing AND hosted at your office

Most of the Benefits can be made available by hosting Microsoft Dynamics NAV at your office and paying monthly. Please ask us how Here…

True flexibility
You save more by giving you the flexibility to adjust the total number of user license. Since the subscription fee is charged monthly based on per user, you can easily change the number of users every month to fit personnel situations and avoid expenditure of unused licenses.


All These Benefits Included:

Reliable and secure hosted dynamics nav SaaS ERP software hosting service

Hosted, Software-as-a-Service or SaaS ERP is a method of delivering software over the Internet. It is an on-demand software service where a SaaS vendor hosts the application and the data in a central location and provides end-users access to the software remotely. SaaS is very beneficial to small and mid-sized businesses because such businesses have the need for technology but that doesn’t have the capital to invest in software, server hardware and other infrastructures.

Hosted ERP can be seen as an alternative hosting option for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Users rent the software and access web-based Microsoft Dynamics NAV over the Internet from anywhere in the world. With hosted ERP, businesses do not need to worry about maintenance and infrastructure, such as installation, set-up, server, and software. Internet is the only infrastructure an end user will need to run Microsoft Dynamics NAV as hosted SaaS ERP.

Pay-as-you-go Model

Traditionally, users own the software and they are required to pay for the Dynamics NAV package and license. Hosted SaaS ERP, on the other hand, lets end-users access Dynamics NAV at a monthly subscription price. This pay-as-you-go model is one of the greatest advantages of SaaS. At SimCrest, you pay a one-time startup fee plus a low monthly fee for fully functional Dynamics NAV ERP including server space and licensing from the time of Go-Live. Simply put, the recurring subscription fee is on a per user basis and it includes the cost of hardware, software, enhancement fee, licensing, IT support, maintenance, and backups.

What are the benefits?

Lowered Upfront Cost

The state-of-the-art technology is what every organization wants. However, the upfront investment may be a cost barrier to many businesses, especially small and mid-sized organizations. Since no additional hardware is needed, and payment is made monthly, businesses can save a huge initial cost. This is a cost savings, which can be reallocated to business operations and used to fund business growth. Having no upfront investment in either hardware or software allows SaaS to relieve a company’s financial situation and helps to enhance the cash flow.

Less Need of Internal IT Staff and Support

By outsourcing software to a SaaS provider, organizations would need fewer internal IT personnel. Instead of assisting user support and maintaining aging infrastructure, internal IT personnel can concentrate on improving the day-to-day technical operations and making strategic decisions.

Peace of Mind

Some businesses may lack internal IT staff to support software and some may feel the maintenance of IT infrastructure is complex and time-consuming. However, as a SaaS provider hosts the software, they handle all the tasks, including server, server support, licensing, maintenance, data backups, and on-going IT support, for you. The SaaS model leaves you peace of mind and allows you to focus more on core competencies to run your business.

True Flexibility

Hosted Dynamics NAV SaaS enables you to save more by giving you the flexibility to adjust the total number of user licensing. Since subscription fee is charged monthly based on per user, you can easily change the number of users every month to fit personnel situations and avoid the expenditure of unused licensing.

Global Availability

Through Internet, hosted SaaS enables users to access Dynamics NAV anytime and anywhere. As long as there is Internet, businesses benefit from better business mobility and global availability, which lead to enhanced productivity and increased control of information.

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