We are experts in Wholesale Distribution and Inventory Control Systems and Solutions.    We know your profitability hinges on efficient order processing, shipping, and inventory management.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 can help you track products in real-time from the manufacturer to the retailer by seamlessly connecting your business systems with personal productivity tools that your people already know.

These solutions make it easier for your to :

  • Lower inventory cost and risks by more efficiently managing the size and age of inventory with varying shelf lives
  • Easy access to business intelligence by drilling-down to accurate data and details
  • Access information at any time during sales, purchase, transfer process and afterwards: view expiry dates, serial/lot numbering across multiple locations
  • Record stock data automatically
  • Allocate unique barcodes that can be traced back to the original supplier
  • Track and monitor mission-critical events, potential item shortages, processes, and cash flow issues
  • Track products from manufacturer to shelf
  • Implement integrated RFID systems with the rest of the technology infrastructure
  • Remove wasted activities by integrating sales, warehousing, purchasing and finance
  • Achieve business agility with transparent visibility into demand, inventory, and logistics issues across the entire supply chain

Click here for  Microsoft Dynamics NAV Food Distribution White Pages  and contact iCepts for more information:  info@icepts.com

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