With our Microsoft Dynamics Application Program Interface you can offer any data within NAV to your customers.

Give your customers access to Dynamics NAV to access their item pricing, availability, item description information, and more.

Give your customers an easy way to submit orders too!

This API utilizes a web site URL so that a customer may request data from your system. This system leverages web services to access valuable product and order data for customer use.

Other fields or areas of NAV can be added to this API for access easily.

There will be limitations (throttling) placed on the data that customers request.   If a request is outside of this constraint customer will receive message indicating such.

Customer will simply send request for list of item numbers to supplied URL.   System will then return xml data with fields supplied by customer. Please see details of each request below.

Customer will have the following options:

  1. Inventory API. Request item details.  (Available qty, Customer price, etc.)
  2. Orders API. Orders will be sent by customer.. We will then reply with a confirmation of order accepted OR an error message stating that there was an error with the order with as much detail as possible.
  3. Shipping Information API. Request shipped orders. This will send the orders that have shipped along with the tracking number of the shipper. This will only send the shipped orders that have not already been sent to customer.
  4. Catalog item request. This will return items and associated marketing information with the requested item(s). The availability or list of fields is based on a map provided by iCepts Catalog Manager.


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