As a distributor or manufacturer your largest and most costly asset is inventory.  Reducing inventory carrying cost and increasing margins can cause a greater effect on the bottom line than increased sales.  By doing both, you will significantly increase profitability.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV For the Distributor or Manufacturer:

  • Formula Based Forecasting – Best Fit Formula Approach.
  • Use Collaborative forecast to fine tune your overall forecast.
  • Use Vendor forecast to help your vendors anticipate your future needs.
  • Roll-Up usage history and demand based on replenishment path to get a view of your entire supply chain.
  • Identify surplus inventory and re-deploy to reduce total inventory.
  • Use the unique Lead Time Horizon replenishment method for long lead times typical when importing products.
  • Use the suggested order to review products by vendor, including the calculation details of the recommendation.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Specifically for the Distributor:

  • Automated Calculation of Vendor Lead Times to the Warehouse, Vendor, and Item levels.
  • Branch replenishment, including consigned inventory replenishment.
  • Order Point, Line Point, and EOQ calculations for short to medium lead times.
  • Lead Time Horizon calculations for longer lead times.
  • Non-Stock and Special Order item processing.
  • Full support for NAV Kit Processing. (NAV Versions 5.0 and newer)

Specifically for the Manufacturer:

  • Use AFP Production to forecast finished goods and create simulated production orders for the planning horizon. (Typically several months)
  • Component demand is considered by the suggested order when purchasing components for production.
  • Can be used in conjunctions with NAV Production.

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