Microsoft’s continued commitment and development of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) has resulted in the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. Dynamics NAV is a robust business solution from Microsoft that continues to be enhanced which is quick to implement, easy to use and has the power to support your business ambitions.  Key for Dynamics NAV 2017 is integration and simplicity. This latest ERP solution offers significant enhancements to the core application, as well as deeper integration with Office 365 and Power BI.

Dynamics NAV 2017 Highlights include:

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In Office 365 experience: Stay connected with all the parts of your business. Dynamics NAV is directly linked with Office 365 which means you can easily manage business interactions with your customers and vendors directly within Outlook.  The improved compatibility enables you to easily create customers, vendors, quotes, and invoices, all without leaving Outlook. There is also improved Word integration, to help you lay out your documents professionally. The seamless experience means that you can save time, increase accuracy, and offer your customers an improved experience by navigating effortlessly between NAV and Office 365.

Enhanced User Experience: Continuing the significant improvements to simplicity, productivity, and performance, Dynamic Enhanced user experience Continuing the significant improvements to simplicity, productivity, and performance, Dynamics NAV 2017 enhances your experience even further. You can accomplish even more in your browser-based interface and use advanced functionality by following non-intrusive, intelligent, in-application notifications, which guide you through relevant processes according to the context you are working in. These new types of notifications help even untrained users carry out advanced tasks, while the unobtrusive design does not prevent you from carrying on with your work. And you can get exactly the functionality you need because partners can build attractive notifications with context-specific actions.

Embedded Power BI: Continuing the powerful integration, you can now use embedded Power BI to easily create insightful charts and reports, and then make them available within your Dynamics NAV 2017 role center. Keep people informed with easy-to-share reports including key performance indicators (KPIs), inventory, sales and order status. Empower users to create self-serve reports from trusted data source for faster, more informed decision-making.

Optimized Mobile CRM Experience: Working on-the-go has never been easier with the optimized CRM (customer relationship management) functionality on your mobile. You can work more effectively with Relationship Management from your phone, taking advantage of enhancements to the Sales and Relationship Management role center. A simplified CRM includes contact management, interactions, and sales opportunities. You can also use improved interactions logging from your phone, logging email messages using Office 365.

Financial Management Enhancements: Work with ready-to-use financial statements and gain accessible insights into the financial performance of your business. The new default Account Schedules means that no set up is required, making it quick and intuitive to produce the financial reports that you need, and point-in-time reporting means you can view the financial state of your business for any given time. Reporting is also made easier with the new Account Categories that provide structure to your chart of accounts. Payment reconciliation is now much more efficient because you can complete your payment and bank reconciliations in one step, matching all transactions at once, then posting and updating the bank reconciliation at the same time.

E-everything: Make it easier for your customers to pay your invoices online by including hyperlinks to payment services, such as PayPal. Even provide PayPal Standards payment links in invoices, supporting multiple ways of accepting payments, including credit cards and PayPal accounts. You can continue to make use of optical character recognition (OCR), to help you track the items that you get in. Dynamics NAV 2017 now enables you to extract the lines of an invoice and you can visually verify the information, training the OCR system online, using the Lexmark invoice capture service.

Item Management:  Organize and classify your products the way you want, performing advanced searches on your catalog in just a few clicks and displaying only the information you need. You can create custom item attributes and assign an item attribute value, according to your business needs, helping you manage items or create sales documents. When you add your attributes and values to an item, you can see them all in a fact box, on both the card and the list. And you can filter your items based on attribute values, making it more efficient to add items to sales and purchase documents and limiting the list of items to choose from or take action on. Further enhancing navigation and web store integration, you can use categories to group items into a hierarchical structure, defining your own custom categories and assigning attributes to each category. When you add items to a category, the items inherit the attributes of the category, ensuring a common set of attributes on items in the same category, and saving you time.

Extensions: Modify your Dynamics NAV system without directly altering the source resources, making it easier to deploy, manage, and upgrade customization or extensions. Navigate through an install with only a few clicks and easily view extension information, such as name, description, version, publisher, and links. You can also install or uninstall extensions easily using the Extension Management page and quickly choose the extensions you want using the easily-recognizable logos.

Further enhancements include:

  • Working Naively with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • PowerApps and Microsoft Flow
  • Web Client Improvements
  • Cortana Intelligence
  • Improved Project Management
  • Faster Setup and Configuration
  • And more!

Click here to view the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Product Overview and Capability Guide:

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