Effective production and supply planning is a careful balancing act. The goal for most production companies is to optimize supply planning to avoid stockout and backorders, and reduce ordering and inventory costs.  This requires agility to handle changes in demand as well as visibility into and control of the supply and demand of materials to ensure a high order fulfillment and low ordering cost.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 delivers an enhanced supply planning setup that gives users an effective way to control planning suggestions and optimize supply according to inventory and ordering cost. Enhancements include extra parameters on the item and SKU chart, enabling the user to create a more specific setup to support their demanded supply profile. Customers can have an optimized inventory profile and can avoid unnecessary and costly changes.  These enhancements give customers more control of their inventory, purchasing and production. With increased planning options out of the box, NAV 2013 helps partners attract new customers and speed implementations.

The specific enhancements comprise five new reorder period fields which have been added to the item card planning parameters to help optimize when and how much to reorder:

  • Time Bucket
  • Rescheduling Period
  • Lot Accumulation Period
  • Overflow Level

In addition, a new reorder quantity field has been added to the item card planning parameters to help optimize how much to reorder.

On item and SKU level, the user can setup specific dampeners with the following two parameters, ensuring that minor order changes are avoided:

  • Dampener Period
  • Dampener Quantity

And, two new global setup fields – Default Dampener and Quantity Blank Overflow Level – have been added to the Manufacturing Setup window to determine how to reorder when item cards do not have a specific planning parameter.

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