Another feature highlight and what is new with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is the OneNotee Integration feature. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 supports integration with Microsoft OneNote, a flexible productivity tool that enables you to gather and organize text, pictures, digital handwriting, audio and video recordings, and more — all in one digital notebook on your computer. You can enable OneNote integration on a per-role basis in profiles.

There are two powerful ways customers and partners can use OneNote with NAV 2013.

  • Create solution-specific or company-specific Help and Information

You can set up notes for records and pages in the  Microsoft Dynamics NAV application. For example, customers can provide their employees with company-specific help, guidance or policies about how to handle a sales order. The information is easily accessible as page notes in Help – right there when and where the employee needs it.

It’s also possible to create company-specific user guides. Employees can also use OneNote to save notes and information in NAV to refer to later on – from their PC, mobile or other device that is synchronized with OneNote.

  • Share information more efficiently

With Linked OneNote, Users can use OneNote to extend notes that contain photos, directions, videos or other “unstructured” information to an Item page or other pages in NAV. For example, if you can take a photo with a smart phone and save it in OneNote, you can link it to an item in NAV. You can set it up so the photo is available to all roles in the company or just a few. Users can also use OneNote to copy and paste links to and from NAV. OneNote integration in NAV 2013 enables more and better collaboration and sharing of information with other Microsoft devices and applications, and other products with Microsoft OneNote.

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