For most companies, cash is king – and essential for running a successful business. Business owners must be able to understand their cash flow and have the capability to look ahead and predict the highs and lows in their cash balance to help improve margins and ensure profitability. But getting insight into cash flow is not always easy. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 provides tools to make this easier.

Cash Flow Forecast in NAV 2013 gives companies an efficient way to forecast short-term cash flow. This feature enables businesses to perform better monitoring of cash receipts and cash disbursements and use the information to take preemptive steps.

Cash Flow Forecast in NAV 2013 provides a prediction of how a company’s liquidity – cash and other treasure positions – will evolve over time. It consists of two things – cash receipts and cash disbursements – the money you expect to receive and the cash you expect to pay out – plus the liquid funds you have available. These elements together show you a direct cash flow forecast.

The cash flow forecast is simple to set up. Users generate a cash flow forecast worksheet which draws data from the various sources within NAV – open orders, receivables, payables, etc. The user decides what data to include, and can choose from a variety of options that control or set how to handle discounts, payment terms, and so on.

NAV makes a suggestion, which the user can edit. Once the user is satisfied with the suggestion, the worksheet is registered, and reports and charts can be created and exported to Excel. The worksheet registers the data but does not update or change the source data so it’s possible to use it as a kind of “work area” where you can change the data to create various cash flow scenarios.

It’s possible to create a number of cash flow forecasts. For example, you can have different forecasts for different months to compare. You can also keep a history of your cash flow forecasts for future reference and analyses. And, it’s also possible to use the account schedule and analysis by dimension functionality to easily create cash flow reports and charts. Intuitive navigation capabilities allow you to drill down to the source data to see more detailed information.

Cash Flow Forecast in NAV 2013 offers flexible on-screen viewing options. For example, you can select and show a cash flow forecast in a chart on the Role Center so you have updated cash flow information at hand. Statistics FactBox and matrix overview are also available for on-screen viewing of Cash Flow Forecast.

Cash Flow Forecast delivers new business opportunities for partners. Several enhancements have been made to align the feature with the overall application, including eliminating duplicated functionality by merging GDL liquidity functionality, making terminology changes (for example, liquidity journal is now called cash flow worksheet), and adding charting and improved navigation capabilities. It provides a solid foundation on which to build additional cash flow forecast enhancements and features.

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