Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable organizations to grow, evolve, and transform by combining both ERP and CRM.  This new could-based business management systems allows you to add modules as they become available or just start with certain features.   The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition for Financials and Operations  makes ordering, selling, invoicing, and reporting easier—starting on day one with tight integration with familiar Microsoft applications such as Office 365 and the Outlook Add-In.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in 2 version; Enterprise and Business Edition.

Business Edition is an ideal solution for companies that want rich functionality across financials and operations in a cloud solution that is affordable.  Core functionality includes Financial Management, Inventory Management, Sales, Purchasing,  Project Management, plus additional capabilities.  The Business Edition is optimized for companies with 10-250 employees.

The below pricing is for the Business Edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Full Users = $40/per user/month Full Users leverage the majority of business apps’ functionality. They have also been referred to as “power users.” All licenses include automatic product updates. The Full User license includes the rights for one external accountant user to access the service at no additional cost. The license for this user has to be requested separately.

Team Members = $5/per user/per month Team Members predominately consume data and reports and complete light tasks like time entry.  They cannot make changes or edits to functionality such as financial management, purchases, payable, sales, inventory management, ect. “core functionality” applications.

External Accountant License = 1 Free with Full User.  Can access the service at no cost.

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