Key Requirements for the Electrical Distribution Industry and how Infor and iCepts Technology Group Supports Them:

Storeroom, Toolcrib and Consignment: More and more electrical distributors are managing inventory at their customers’ locations. Business (SX.e) fully supports these capabilities through solutions like Advanced Order and Inventory Management and through our new Storeroom solution.

EDI: Electrical distributors are tightly integrated to their customers and suppliers through EDI. Business (SX.e) provides full EDI capabilities. The recent addition of the Electronic Transaction Control Center enables the distributor to manage large volumes of electronic transactions (such as EDI and XML) with greater efficiency and speed.

Enhancements Planned to Further Support the Electrical Industry:

New User Interface: Infor is delivering a new user interface that provides intuitive functionality and easy-to-use tools to dramatically improve the overall user experience.

Business Intelligence: Infor is developing electrical Industry dashboards and expanding on the existing vendor scorecard to help ensure you can better negotiate next year’s contracts.

Web Presence: Understanding that having a web presence is no longer enough, improvements in this area will focus on selling to the next generation and expanding Self-service offerings, including support of chat sessions.

Sales: The use of Infor CRM Business will bring additional value with the enhanced integration planned for version 2011. The integration will support a two-way integration for master files, with security to ensure control of what data can be updated by the CRM user. The integration will also support the ability to generate and track quotes. The sales team will be further enabled through a new Employee Portal, providing necessary product, sales and customer information. Punch out to Storefront Catalog from within Business (SX.e) order entry will give the inside sales person the same search and order benefits as Storefront. New Product Restriction functionality will ensure the sales team is selling products in compliance with vendor contracts. Phone system integration will enable your sales team to be more efficient and provide a more personal experience for your customers.

Rebates: Improvements planned in this area include providing workflow capabilities to streamline the reconciliation process in order to provide additional efficiencies in this typically labor intensive process.

Large Amounts of Product Data: Enhancements planned in this area include improved integration to Storefront to ensure large amounts of clean, common data are available to both Business (SX.e) and Storefront.

Increasing Margins: On-going enhancements in the areas of Credit Card processing, Freight Cost Recovery and Inbound Freight Analysis are just a few examples of enhancements planned that focus on reducing costs and increasing margins.

Commodities: Enhancements are planned in the area of Bid Prep to better meet the needs of electrical distributors.

Kitting: Integration to Infor Storefront is planned to enable and streamline the kit order process.

Job Management: Improvements are planned in the area of job management, enable management of large projects, phased release of inventory, incremental billing, accrued rebates, managing labor, support of lot items, and other key activities.

Logistics: Support for additional centralized and regional distribution sales center processing scenarios.

EDI: Improvements in this area include support of specific supplier requirements, including companies like Rockwell and Phillips. Enhancements are also planned to enable the user to configure the data being sent.

International Expansion: Electrical distributors are not only buying and selling globally, they are also opening up companies globally. Enhancements in this area will include expanded support of international tax and currency requirements, as well as localization and language translations for certain regions.

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