We know electrical distribution and we understand your business. Infor Distribution solutions are backed by years of experience helping electrical distributors solve their toughest business challenges. Infor leveraged that depth of knowledge and experience to build proven, innovative solutions ideal for the electrical distribution market. Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e) continues our tradition of innovation, delivering the technology and tools you need to increase productivity, improve profitability and support growth – today as well as tomorrow.

Key Requirements for the Electrical Distribution Industry and how we Support Them:

Business Intelligence: Information is king! Sales, financial and inventory information must be connected, accessible and understandable. Electrical distributors need information to negotiate better deals with vendors, identify ways to improve efficiency, and better manage their inventory. Infor10 solutions like Workspace, Pulse, ION Connect, Event Management and Workflow provide the visibility you need to make better, more informed decisions and improve performance.

Web Presence: Electrical distributors need a web storefront to strengthen ties to existing customers and reach new customers – selling to this generation, as well as the next. Our solutions leverage the latest technologies to optimize your online product catalogs and enable your customers to purchase when and how they like to buy. Infor Storefront provides your customers the ability to enter their own orders and also enjoy self-service capabilities, such as checking the status of their orders and open invoices.

Sales Tools: Selling is critical to your success, and your sales team is your most important asset. Providing them the tools they need to excel at their job, like CRM and Dashboards, will help them sell more effectively, better understand their customers and products, and manage activity for their accounts.

Counter Sales: For electrical distributors who are contractor-based, counter sales are a major component of their business. Counter screens must facilitate very quick entry. Business (SX.e) provides an alternative screen design and workflows for the counter to receive on-account functionality, credit card processing, cash drawer balancing, and forced password entry per order for counter clerks who share terminals. Counter sales and warehouse management have been streamlined to support the buyer who brings an item to the counter but then changes his mind and wants a different product. The system will replenish the showroom area when needed.

Rebates: As a key component to profitability, electrical distributors need vendor rebates based on both purchasing and sales. Vendor-based on sales rebates (ship and debits or SPA’s) are critical for the distributor’s vendor to participate in supporting specific pricing for a particular customer or job. Business (SX.e) has full rebate capabilities to assist in the setup, processing and reconciliation of rebates, with advanced capabilities including EDI support for setup and reconciliation, processing of rebates on demand or scheduled, and chained rebates.

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