With more and more Business Management, or ERP Systems, for Distribution and other industries moving to the Cloud, sometimes buyers want to know if Wholesale Distribution Software is Still Available?  While, there has been quite the transition to Cloud Based ERP Systems, there exists today, some technology providers that have made an option for an either-or option; Cloud or On-Premises Business Systems (i.e. On-Premises Software).

There are many advantages to the cloud such as having a more modern technology platform that is updated more frequently, lower upfront costs and less reliance on infrastructure, still, some organizations would rather choose to have software installed on their servers.

Some of the benefits of an “older deployment” option is that you can utilize your existing infrastructure, you have ownership of the technology licensing, and can control when you would like to update this technology.  However, as technology improves and continues to innovate rapidly, these on-premises software systems become outdated quickly whereas cloud technology is updated on a much more frequently basis.

Some Wholesale Distribution Software Vendors, such as Microsoft, who offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, have an either-or option; Cloud or On-Premises Business Solution.  Microsoft ERP systems also have the capability of a hybrid deployment option, or “cloud ready” deployment.   However, other Software Vendors have adapted a Cloud-Only deployment model for their systems; you cannot get their system installed on your servers.

With a hybrid deployment option , though, the ERP system is installed locally and therefore infrastructure is require, however, an option is available to have a connection to cloud business services; such as Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) and have this information populated in the system.  When an on-premises customer of Business Central is ready, there are steps to make this an easy transition within the system to the Cloud.

A company, could as an option, just install the Software program on their existing servers, hardware and infrastructure environment and choose how when to update their program sometime in the future.

As technology rapidly progresses; cloud business systems will continue to gain market share and prevalence.  Having flexibility by some software vendors to have On-Premises Business Solution is a nice option, however, the definitely future-trend is for cloud-based business systems.

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