QuickBooks is an accounting package for small to mediums sized businesses with several useful capabilities that can now be expanded further to include Power-CRM! Integrated Business Systems just work better, and productivity increased when commonly used technologies are connected.  Power-CRM which is built on the Microsoft 365 and Power Apps platform is a tightly integrated solution for QuickBooks to better manage both Customers and Prospects.


Power-CRM is a full-featured, next-generation, Microsoft powered CRM tool that is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online. The integration is bi-directional (meaning two-way), and allows you to enter a company or contact into CRM and then click one button to push it to QuickBooks. Also, if you start with a company or contact in QuickBooks, it will automatically sync to Power-CRM.

CRM for QuickBooks:

View full QuickBooks information inside Power-CRM.  The Power-CRM to QuickBooks integration synchronizes all the main records from QuickBooks including:

  • Quotations
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Products
  • Aging Information

*Notes: The current integration allows non-QuickBooks users to view full accounting information right from Power-CRM (no QuickBooks license needed). Also, the Power-CRM to QuickBooks connections currently supports QuickBooks Online only. If you have QuickBooks Desktop we offer a separate integration solution, contact us for more information.

Powerful Workflows:

Because Power-CRM has a full workflow module, you will be able to easily automate tasks. For example, a business scenario would include notifying Sales Representatives when a quote is created.  Another example could also include alerting Sales when a customer is overdue.  Additionally, workflows from connecting Power-CRM to Quickbooks can allow the scheduling of activities based on QuickBook’s data records.


By integrating Power-CRM to Quickbooks Online, your business can expand reporting options by having a more visual representation of activities.  This is accomplished with Power-CRM’s built-in dashboards that are easy to create and also integrates with Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence).

Learn more about Power-CRM

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