If you think about it..everything needs a checkup.  From checking your health to getting that noisy rattling noise from your car looked at; all these require professional examinations from experts to spot potential problems.  One of the most important aspects of a business is their management of its information.

It is a good “best practice” Infrastructure Technology Check Upto have a review all of your infrastructure technology and how you are handling your critical information to ensure proper security, you are optimizing resources and for business continuity planning.

When working with businesses to consult with their infrastructure technology needs, we recommend exploring the following areas to get a better idea of how a company’s overall infrastructure “health” is:

Our Infrastructure Technology Analysis questions include some of the following:

  • Hardware:  What servers, age of servers, maintenance plans, backups, etc?
  • OS’s:  What operating systems & services are these servers running?
  • Virtualization:  What virtualization strategies are in place?
  • DR planning:  What are the plans to recover from a server disaster?  A Site disaster?
  • Performance:  What are the bottlenecks of the existing infrastructure?
  • Security: Have you reviewed you Internet security including VPN’s, Internet facing servers, etc?
  • Switching: Have you examined layer 2 switching LAN infrastructure?
  • Telco circuits:  Review the Internet & phone circuits to determine if there are better options for higher performance and lower cost?
  • Backup strategies:  Is all data getting backed up?  What is the frequency?  How would the recovery of this data work?

Goals of a thorough analysis are to provide a faster infrastructure, increase stability, and determine a good disaster recovery plan.

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