Leverage Electronic Files for More Efficient Storage and Access

Archive, available in Infor10 Distribution Express [FACTS] helps distributors save valuable time, money and resources by storing important business documents electronically. Information is kept secure, organized and easy to-access, allowing distributors to reach new levels of efficiency and productivity by bringing them closer to the elusive “paperless office”.

If you are like most distributors, you probably spend a lot of time and money producing and handling paper. Imagine if your staff could find any document – current or historical – with just a few keystrokes, then easily view and print it – without having to then re-file it correctly. By dramatically reducing the need to store boxes of archived registers and paper files, distributors can reclaim much needed warehouse space and use it for revenue generating inventory.

Data Security

Archive is more secure than paper since all Infor10 Distribution Express (FACTS) security levels are observed and enforced. Now you can safely store important documents electronically, ensuring paper documents are not misplaced or misfiled. Your off-site backup ensures reports and registers are preserved even in the unlikely event of a fire or other disaster.

Efficiencies Gained with Archive

Going “paperless” with Archive provides a range of business benefits and savings.

• Save time by enabling your staff to find and file documents quickly

• Save time spent manually printing, collating and filing paper reports and documents

• Free-up valuable space used for storing documents in file cabinets and banker boxes

• Save money on office supplies, such as paper, toner and manual filing systems

• Enhance security by authorizing users to view various documents through settings

• Improve document safety by saving documents to backup media, which can be stored in a fireproof safe or offsite as part of your disaster recovery plan

Easy to Learn and Simple to Use

Archive is available through the printer selection system, allowing any program using Infor10 Distribution Express (FACTS) printers to create Archives, including Job Stream runs.

• Print to one of six available online libraries

• Optionally create a memo for each Archive

• Speed end-of-period processing by eliminating the need to wait for printers

Document Retrieval Made Easy

Since Archive puts all stored documents at your fingertips you gain unparalleled access to your business information.

• Find documents easily with filters by program, program type, user and date.

• Locate registers instantly with a filter by register number

• Search for specific data within your documents such as a customer, item or dollar amount; matches are highlighted

• Print lists of archive files, including dates, memos, user codes, names and sizes

• Refile documents quickly and accurately for future access

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