Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a proven Enterprise Solution for Small to Mid Sized companies.  NAV’s latest enhancement, NAV 2013, has many new features to streamline supply chain operations.  Some of the latest Supply Chain Management enhancements include:

Better Sales and Receivables with:business team in an office

Alternative Ship-Tos:  Set up multiple ship-to addresses to accommodate and handle customers that in addition to a main business address have more than one site to which orders can be shipped.  These additional locations can then be selected by the order processor when creating a sales order or invoice.

Campaign Pricing:  In Dynamics NAV, you can work with sales prices and sales line discounts connected with specific campaigns.  After you have activated the prices/dicounts, any customer or contact related to a company currently in a segment with a given campaign can access the pricing associated with that campaign.

Sales Invoice Discounting:  In this features of NAV, calculations in invoice discounts occur automatically.  Set up any number of invoice discounts terms, including a certain minimum amount, discount percentage or service charge.  The discount is calculated on the individual item line and becomes part of the net sum of the invoice.  Calculations can be done in both local and foreign currencies.

Sales Order Management: Mange sales quotes, blanket sales orders and sales order processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Using this feature can allow your company to:

  • Manage partial shipments
  • Ship and ivoice separately
  • Create prepayment invoices for the sales order
  • Use quote and blanket orders in the sale phase
  • And more!

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