Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a proven Enterprise Solution for Small to Mid Sized companies.  NAV’s latest enhancement, NAV 2013, has many new features for better inventory management for your wholesale distribution or manufacturing company.  We will highlight some of the features in part 1 of this article. business people group working in customer and helpdesk office

Inventory Analysis Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides company decision makers with an efficient and flexible way to get meaningful information out of the system to inform day-to-day decisions.  Built on item entries, this granule provide a customizable, analytic view that enables people to add and combine analysis objects-customers, items, and vendors-according to their needs.

Better Inventory Management is achieved through Cycle Counting which is a basic method of verifying inventory record data used to maintain and increase inventory accuracy.  You can set up Cycle Counting on the item or SKU level.

Further more, Item Substitutions functionality link items with the same or similar characteristics so that is a customer orders an item that is unavailable, you can offer substitute items and avoid losing the sale or even promise an extra service to your customer by offering lower-cost alternatives.

Additional Inventory Management Functionality continues with Assembly Management which is is used to specify a list of sellable items, raw materials, sub-assemblies and/or resources as Assembly Bill of Materials that comprises a finished item or a kit, ie “Kitting”.  Use assembly orders to replenish assembly items to stock or capture the customer’s special requirements to the kit’s bill of materials directly from the sales quote, blanket and order line in the assembly-to-order processes.

Also, you can manage inventory in Multiple Locations that may represent a production plant, distribution centers, warehouses, show rooms, retails outlets and even service cars.

View all of the features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013


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