If you are looking for a free shipping solution for Microsoft Business Central and primarily use both UPS and UPSP, there is now a Free add-on solution (App) called Order Ship Express from Insight Works.  If you are not familiar with Insight Works, they are an established company and leader in the Operational Productivity Improvement through the efficient implementation of add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics Business Central ERP systems. Insight Work has focused its efforts on helping Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution Companies get the most out of their Microsoft ERP products. Keep reading to learn about the Free Shipping App for Microsoft Business Central!

The Free Order Ship Express app is a great solution for US-based companies that primarily ship parcels vis UPS or USPS.  With Order Ship Express you will manage all of your shipping details from Microsoft Business Central, including real-time shipping rates based on carrier, service, and delivery options.

Whether your company is a one-person operation or runs a large warehouse, the Order Ship Express app for Microsoft Business Central streamlines your shipping process, while also minimizing shipping costs. With Order Ship Express from Insight Works, your business can:

Automatically Received USPS Commercial Plus Pricing:

When you use the Order Ship Express App to Ship parcels vis USPS, you will automatically receive Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP), regardless of the volume shipped. USPS also waives minimum requirements for CPP for any business using the Order Shipp Express App.  CPP rates are up to 3% less than the retail USPS rates.  This can amount to huge savings over time!

Save Big when Shipping via UPS:

Order Ship Express automatically offers users access to the UPS Digital Access Program (DAP). With UPS DAP, companies get instant access to out-of-the-box discounts on eligible packages with any of the hassles.  For example:

  • Up to 48% discount off UPS Ground Shipments.
  • Up to 62% discount on daily rates for UPS 2nd Day Air Services and UPS Next Day Air Service.
  • There are no minimums or pre-negotiate rates required to start using UPS DAP rates.

Create and Pring Shipping Labels right from Business Central:

With Order Ship Express, it is easy to obtain shipping labels for any parcel you need to ship. Simply enter your package dimensions and weight into Business Central and click “Get Rates”. You’ll be presented with all available shipping options and rates.  Select your preferred service, print your label, affix it to your parcel, and you are finished!  Order Ship Express also accepts multiple label printing when you are shipping multiple packages to the same destination.

Important Notes about Order Ship Express:

Order Ship Express is a connector that uses the EasyPost.com API. Users must have an account with EasyPost.com in order to use the Order Ship Express App.  Visit the EasyPost.com website to learn more

Order Ship Express is used for Only USPS and UPS Carriers. In addition, for domestic shipping only. If there is a need for different carriers or international shipping, Insight Works offers a subscription-based shipping solution for Business Central called Dynamic Ship.

While the Order Ship Express App for Business Central is Free to license, there are costs associated with the service to ship parcels.

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