Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Professionals is a modern, feature-rich Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business solution that allows your sales teams the necessary information required to navigate and master an ever increasingly complex sales environment.  By taking advantage of state-of-the art, mobile and real time information dashboard, users can boost productivity and stay focused on relevant tasks to meet the organizations goals.  If you are not using a CRM system for opportunities and sales or have an older system, consider the below key questions.

Key Questions to make sure your Sales Team has the tools it needs to be successful include:

Do your salespeople know which opportunities to focus on?

Dynamics 365 for Sales Professionals provides salespeople with predictive lead scoring – a powerful, but easy-to-understand metric that encapsulates predictive intelligence to accurately predict which customers will buy. This kind of actionable insight allows salespeople to invest and focus on the right customers. And this is just one example of the way Dynamics 365 empowers salespeople through meaningful intelligence.

Can your sales organizations identify new prospects?

Dynamics 365 builds your pipeline by generating new prospects. Dynamics 365 does the heavy lifting of building custom predictive models that analyze CRM data, demographic/behavior data, and machine learning to identify businesses or consumers most likely to buy. Also, you can generate more quality leads with various solutions with LinkedIn (from LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn campaigns).

Do salespeople have visibility into sales triggers, compelling events/activities, or news for their accounts?

Dynamics 365 provides embedded customer insights that help salespeople engage at the right time with the right message, which is especially important in a fast-paced sales environment. The data comes from 3rd parties, such as LinkedIn, InsideView, Versium, D&B.

Do salespeople have to flip back and forth between their email, CRM system, and other reporting tools to close a deal? 

Dynamics 365 offers an integrated lead to cash solution without ever leaving Outlook through Office 365, reducing time spent switching between stand-alone apps   and streamlines seller workflow by collaborating on deals through Microsoft Teams, Office and Dynamics 365 mobile app. Sellers can refresh data in Excel without  having to return to the financial system and both sellers and their managers can get an end-to-end view of their business and built-in intelligence through Power BI.

Do your salespeople find their sales tools easy to use?

Understandably, most salespeople don’t want to spend their time in training or figuring out how to use sales tools. They expect and need intuitive solutions. Dynamics 365 is built with that in mind. Dynamics 365 has a new, highly intuitive interface with Microsoft Office 365—embedded capabilities, so salespeople are already familiar and comfortable with Microsoft’s sales tools. Salespeople can continue working with their preferred tools like Outlook for managing customer communications, Excel for pipeline analysis, and Word for generating quotes and proposals, and PowerPoint for co-authoring presentations.

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