ECommerce for Microsoft Business Central: Benefits of an Integrated Solution. Today it goes without saying that if your Ecommerce solution is not up to the task, your company is losing revenue.  Businesses that rely on an Online Storefront for B2B or B2C want a robust, tied-in solution to their back-end system to ensure accuracy and maximize profits.  For companies that are using Microsoft Business Central, there is one Ecommerce Platform that stands out: Sana Ecommerce for Microsoft Business Central.

With Sana Commerce Products for Microsoft Business Central, companies can leverage the power and functionality of an integrated web store to work as one with your ERP Solution. The Sana Ecommerce software is built in and has all the data and functionality of your existing Business Central System. The resulting Integrated solutions utilize the ERP’s calculation engine and database, meaning only one, correct source of business data.

Benefits of an integrated Ecommece Solution Include:

Initial Cost: Integrated solutions work with your ERP partner, such as iCepts Technology Group, Inc. who already knows your business needs, meaning no experimentation or trial periods, resulting in a fixed-fee initial set-up.

Single Source of Truth: With an integrated e-commerce solution, your business information is only processed in one place: your ERP. No redundant business logic, and no maintaining double sets of data.

Minimize Running Cost: Because the solution functions so closely with the engine of your ERP, you can expand your web store with online product configuration and with extended product information management (PIM) features with ease and low cost.

Increased ROI: An integrated solution goes live in a much shorter time span than an interfaced solution, giving you more time to maximize the value of your e-commerce solution.

Personalized Customer Service: Because an integrated webstore is part of your ERP, it leverages all data from it. That means clients can have 24/7 access to pending orders, order history, and archived offline orders.

Stay Competitive: Sana Ecommerce’s Solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides your customers with an effective website buying experience. Sana Commerce has comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality including customizable marketing pages, payment options, shipping, PIM (Product Information Management), and more! All of these technologies can give you a competitive edge and elevate customer service resulting in higher profitability.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. a Sana Commerce and Microsoft Business Central Partner in Pennsylvania 

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