In the rapid pace of modern technology solutions, businesses upgrading their ERP systems from their legacy software is very common. One question, though, is how to handle all of the historical data when making such a change.  How to deal with this amount of business information can be an enormous challenge with the transition to a new business management/ERP system.  Companies have to determine the best option to maintain historical data without migrating years or even decades’ worth of data into your newly upgraded system. Migrating large amounts of historical data and records into your upgraded system adds overhead, slows performance, and creates more administration headaches This task, however, can be achieved by utilizing strong business reporting and analytical tools such as Microsoft Power BI. Keep reading to learn how to easily migrate your historical data with Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a market-leading business reporting tool that has numerous capabilities, including aiding in the management of your legacy information.  Power BI allows the data to be imported into a secure dataset that resides in the trusted Microsoft Cloud.  When performing these business requirements it is best to work with a knowledgeable Microsoft solution partner that is highly skilled in ERP/Business Management Systems, Power BI, and managing history file transfers.

From being in business for over 40 years offering Business Management/ERP Systems, iCepts Technology Group Inc are specialists in Legacy to Modern ERP System Upgrades.  We are a Gold Microsoft Partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in addition to offering Custom Microsoft Power BI Dashboards. Utilizing Power BI secure dataset migration capabilities allows for the creation of reports and visual dashboards to which users can interact with and have access from several devices. All this without having to migrate the historical data into your new system. With Power BI your historical data remains safe secure easy to access and adds no overhead to your upgraded system.

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