Security to your business has never been more critical and with the prevalent attacks that are common, it is vital to your company’s health to have in place the necessary safeguards and policies to prevent these threats.  However, as more and more working from home (WFH) employees utilize Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to their company’s portal, a question you should be considering is the threat from Cyber Security Attacks and WFH employees-Are you protected?

When employees are working remotely or from home and require access to a company’s network and private information over a secure internet connection; how this is accomplished can have detrimental consequences if not done properly.

To get the best safeguards from connecting using VPN, remote workers need “High Performance” encryption solutions.  High-performance encryption/decryption is critical to transport large volumes of data to reduce latency and enable enhanced user experience and match the attack speed of adversaries to effectively thwart data-in motion breaches.

Leading Internet Security devices include both data-in-motion security and threat-protection capabilities. When reviewing security options, it’s important to compare side-by-side performance of both crypto VPN performance and NGFW (Next Generation Firewalls) threat protection—checking to make sure enhanced performance measurements of when all security controls are enabled.

At iCepts Technology Group, we recommend diverse VPN products from Fortinet including FortiGate “Next Generation” Firewalls (NGFW). Which can deliver IPsec crypto VPN throughput at speeds up to 280 Gbps (Gigabits per second), ensuring minimal degradation of network performance even with multiple services are running.  As part of a complete security solution, proper VPN, Firewalls and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are recommended.  This is because with many companies, VPN access just isn’t enough security, and therefore implementation of a multi-factor authentication strategy as well is required.

While our VPN access is included with our Fortigate security solutions we also offer MFA for a very reasonable cost.  Also, from Fortinet, a simple and inexpensive license purchase will enable MFA on the Fortigate to prompt the user to enter a code delivered on their mobile device to allow access to corporate information to grant access.  This ensures an additional layer of internet security protection.

More frequently we have been working with clients to help them with their Networking Security needs by providing the best solutions for both functionality and also affordability. Both of these criteria can be found in the utilization of FortiGate Firewalls-especially fitting for work from home employees and organizations.

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