Power-CRM, offered by iCepts Technology Group, Inc., is a full-featured and affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps Platform.   Power-CRM is a very flexible solution and offers functionality for marketing, sales, and customer service at one of the most affordable price points in the market. Importantly, in our “on the go” and mobile society, integration with Microsoft Outlook and Power-CRM is superb.  You don’t have to toggle from both applications to get your important CRM information when you are accessing your email; everything is tied together. The ability to get CRM Sales and Marketing Intelligence offered at no cost with select Power-CRM pricing tiers, makes this solution a terrific value for businesses.

Power-CRM also has built-in sales intelligence powered by InsideView Insights, the leading business-business database.  Using this “real-time” and rich business information can give your company an edge in both managing your existing customers and also having some of the best data to target your prospects.

Power-CRM with embedded InsideView Insights allows you to:

  • Update Accounts & Contacts with data from over 40,000 sources including Linkedin, Hoovers, D&B, and Equifax.
  • Find and add target prospects and accelerate sales with more meaningful, relevant business data.
  • View deep profile information including direct dial numbers and business email addresses.
  • Add your Accounts & Contacts to watchlists and receive weekly updates to stay informed.

InsideView Insights business intelligence populates Power-CRM to give you the most accurate data on your target prospects and customers. The great news about Power-CRM’s pricing structure is that some of the most popular pricing levels, have Insideview Insights included for free.  Power-CRM’s Sales and Customer Service Tier will also include InsideView Insights at no additional charge (1 portal).

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