Modern business technologies today are designed and fitted with the capabilities for multiple systems to work together. Technology advances have made it possible for business applications to work together with other business applications which result in dramatic increase in efficiencies.

One of the most widely used and popular business technologies is Microsoft Outlook for email communication.  With the increase demand for business tools to accurately track leads and management customers through CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, the integration between Outlook and CRM is natural fit.

Power-CRM which is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps Platform is a CRM solution that seamless integrates these systems extremely well. The Microsoft Outlook Integration in Power-CRM allows you to access both systems in one application; you can work in Power-CRM right from your Outlook system and is compatible with all version of Outlook-Desktop, Mobile and the Web.

Power-CRM with Microsoft Outlook allows companies to:

  • Capture emails on both Account and Contacts Records.
  • See Activities, Opportunities and Cases.
  • Add Records to Power-CRM.
  • Even Scan Business Cards on any Device with a Camera.

The Microsoft Outlook Integration to Power-CRM is just one of the reasons companies are attracted to this Modern, State-Of-The Art Cloud CRM System.  Additional and Uniquely positioned attributes in the CRM Market include:


Power-CRM is designed for the under-served small-mid size business (SMB) where every dollar matters. Pricing starts at $25 per user/month + services.

Easy to Use:

Ease of use is critical to obtain user adoption. Our user interface is so easy to use that most users can begin using Power-CRM with no formal training.  Let’s face it; if your sales team does not find a CRM easy to use they will not utilizing the CRM’s capabilities.


Most other CRM software requires significant configuration and customization to be useful. Power-CRM comes pre-configured with best-practice functionality designed by veterans of the CRM industry.

“Industry Proven” Business Sales Processes:

One of the top reasons for failure in CRM projects is the lack of true business process guidance. Power-CRM includes best practice, pre-configured sales and support process designed using input from top experts. Built-In Leads follow up scheduling in part of an effective sales process strategy for success.


With the Microsoft  Outlook integration is Power-CRM, you can be successful managing your accounts on your mobile device: mobile client for Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft based smartphone/tablets. Our mobile is not some scaled down version of the CRM system, it offers full functionality.

Go offline with our mobile client. When you are without an Internet connection, you can continue to work in Power-CRM from our mobile client. Once you have a connection, the synchronization runs seamlessly in the background.

Sales Intelligence Built-in:

InsideView Insights is built-in to our Sales & Customer Service license (a $95 value) Insights puts the most accurate B2B data and intelligence right inside Account and Contact records enabling your users to find more of the right prospects, backfill Account and Contact records with missing data and connect with the right contacts. Insights will also increase user adoption across your team and make users more productive and efficient.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. a Power-CRM Partner in Pennsylvania


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