Reporting for Business Central doesn’t have to be slow and cumbersome to get the critical information your company needs.  In today’s business world, technology is moving at a fast pace and companies need solutions that can keep up with one of the most important aspects businesses require which is relevant, insightful, accurate, and easy-to-use reporting. Accelerate decision-making and level up your insights with Cosmos – the solution to fast analytics and reporting for Business Central.

Introducing Cosmos: The Only Cloud Reporting Solution Built for Business Central.

As the first and only true cloud reporting and analytics solution built specifically for Business Central, Cosmos is breaking barriers and making report creation in Business Central easier than ever before. With lightning-fast reporting speeds and a centralized cloud platform, Cosmos leverages the familiar Microsoft Excel environment to help you build, customize, and share impactful reports and Power BI dashboards in minutes–without technical expertise or data modeling knowledge. Reporting for Business Central has never been faster and easier!

  • User-Friendly Reporting Built for Everyone. Eliminate the burden of technical reporting with Cosmos, where intuitive reporting and analytics is only a few clicks away. Even the least techie person on your team will be creating engaging reports like a pro!

  • Centralized Data Management from Anywhere. Get secure access to your data from anywhere, anytime on our unified Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

  • Out of This World Time Savings. Still waiting for your Business Central reports to run? Cosmos runs an average of 48X faster than other Excel reporting tools! That means when you switch to Cosmos, your users get unlimited, simultaneous reporting without slowing down business applications

Why Choose Cosmos Reporting in Business Central?

Many of the third-party reporting solutions available for Business Central were initially built for non-cloud ERP platforms–until Cosmos. Find out how Cosmos can help eliminate some of the common pains associated with reporting in Business Central.

Cosmos Cloud Reporting: Simpler Than a Rocket Ship

Cosmos was designed to eliminate the bottlenecks and technical requirements that so many Business Central users face when they need to create a report. By providing pre-built customizable report templates, a simplified report builder, and instant access to optimized Business Central data, Cosmos is the definition of self-service reporting. Features include:

Future Proof Your Business Central Reporting and Analytics

By seamlessly integrating into your existing Microsoft environment, Cosmos gives users the ability to manage data, build reports, access dashboards, and make decisions from anywhere. Highly secure and scalable, Cosmos is quick to install, simple to use, and delivers results in seconds!

Start Your Cosmos Journey to Get Better Reporting for Business Central!

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